Best Carburetor for 350 Chevy Engine In 2022

Best Carburetor for 350 Chevy

Chevrolet small-block V8s have a legendary status. These are reliable, economical, compact, lightweight, and a thousand more things. Chevy 350 is a variation of that engine.

The whole Chevrolet line can be ordered with this engine. And it is also great for building one’s first car. Because you won’t run into problems that haven’t already been solved.

Nevertheless, to maintain this performance, you need a quality carburetor to go with it. But finding the best carburetor for 350 Chevy can be a challenge for some. For those, we have some recommendations and the way we have got to them.

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What size carburetor do I need?

Most of you guys know that we have a very specific way to find out the optimum size of carburetor for an engine. The formula that gets you that number is-


      c.i.d= Engine size (cubic feet)

      RPM= Maximum engine rpm

      VE= Volumetric efficiency

The values of these for the Chevrolet 350 are-

c.i.d= 350

       RPM= 6500

       VE= 85%

So, our required carburetor size for this engine is 559.53 CFM. If we round that up for available carburetor sizes, a 600 CFM carburetor is more than enough for our engine.

Now you can move on to the reviews of the best 600 CFM carburetors for Chevy 350.

Best Carburetor for Chevrolet 350 Reviews

We have selected the best 600 CFM carbs. All of them will be great for a chevy 350.

1. Edelbrock 1406 Performer 600 CFM

Edelbrock 1406 Performer 600 CFM Square Bore 4-Barrel Air Valve Secondary Electric Choke Carburetor

This is a very popular carburetor for small block V8 small stock engines. The 600 CFM carburetor is a perfect choice for your engine.

Throttle response

The response time is the reason for its massive popularity. There is absolutely no boggling. The throttle response is instantaneous.


Edelbrock has some great videos on their website for installation. It made my world a lot easier. The hardest part of the installation was running the wire for the choke. However, the fuel inlet is on the left rear pointing straight out.


Electric chokes are also another big plus that you want in these carburetors, and you have that here. This model from the performer series also has a manual choke option which comes after this carburetor.


4-barrels is the best in these kinds of carburetors, and you have that here as well.

Construction and finish

The whole metal body has no weak points. You have a square flange in this carburetor. It has a single feed duel inlet. You also have a secondary air valve here.

1. Decent gas mileage
2. Starts with minimal contact of the accelerator
3. Fast installation
4. Best customer service
5. Versatile design
1. Hard to reach the fuel inlet

2. Edelbrock 1405 Performer 600 CFM

Edelbrock 1405 Performer 600 CFM Square Bore 4-Barrel Air Valve Secondary Manual Choke New Carburetor

If you don’t want manual chokes, you can skip this one. Because this is our only manual choke carb, we have on our list.


The main difference between this carburetor from the Edelbrock 1406 performer is the choke. This one comes with a manual choke. So, you have the extra advantage of turning it down any time you want. Nevertheless, it can be a pain for the inexperienced.

Throttle response

The response is as good as its electric counterpart. If you factor out the manual choke control, the throttle is better than most other carbs in the market.


Again, you have the help of Edelbrock installation videos which are a lifesaver. Even if you are new, it shouldn’t take more than an hour and a half to watch, understand, and install without making any mistakes.


Again you have all four barrels to serve you with maximum efficiency.

Construction and finish

The body is made of 100% high-quality aluminum with a brushed satin finish. No plastic parts here that can give you a leakage problem. It has metering rods. Those are used to transition between circuits.

It has a square flange. So, making it a universal fit won’t be a problem. The manifold also gives you the best dual-plane high-rise design.

1. Cooler operation temperature
2. One of the best fuel economy
3. Timed and full vacuum ports included
4. Best factory tuning
1. Manual choke might be a problem for some drivers
2. Should have been cheaper

3. Proform 67254 Street Upgrade Series 600 CFM Carburetor

Proform 67254 Street Upgrade Series 600 CFM Polished Aluminum Dual Inlet 4-Barrel Square Bore Mechanical Secondary Carburetor with Electric Choke

This is a premium option 600 CFM for your engine. If you are not picking it from the right person, it could get a little pricy. But we were well aware of that.

Throttle response

The response time is very less right out of the box. They feature a metering block to achieve that kind of usability.


Although not as easy as the first two products in our list, it is also very easy to install.

Barrel and choke

For maximum efficiency, you have four barrels with an electric choke here.


You also have four corners mechanical secondary carburetor. They help you tune the machine more precisely. The idle adjustment capabilities are expanded further with the changeable idle feed restriction.

Construction and finish

The carburetor from the billet aluminum street series is made of high-quality lightweight aluminum. You can easily change the calibration of the carburetor. There are also die-cast aluminum fuel bowls. They come along with fuel level windows for quick visual reference.

1. Made and assembled in the USA
2. Changeable idle air bleeds
3. Adjustable Secondary Air Flow
4. Dual Feed Fuel Lines
1. Not a universal fit but good for chevy 350 cars
2. Doesn’t work on AOD transmission type

4. Quick Fuel 600 CFM

Quick Fuel 600 Cfm 4 Bbl Elect. Choke

Quick fuel is an innovative company that has introduced many clever ways to make a carburetor more efficient and well-performing.

Throttle response

Every carburetor on our list will be a topper in the throttle department. And this gasoline engine is no different. The engine responds instantly when you touch the accelerator. You also have quick fuel technology for a better experience with improved fuel economy.


If you can follow the instruction, you will be able to finish the installation in half of the time.

Barrel and choke

This is among the four barrel carburetors with an electric choke. So, you have maximum efficiency and great fuel economy. And the automatic choke is of the electric type.

Construction and finish

The body is made of cast aluminum. On top of the casing, you have a shiny paint job. The square bore carburetor has the square flange in place. The single metering block also has a secondary metering plate. You also have notched secondary extension floats with changeable jets in this carburetor.


You won’t need any special treatment. The manufacturer tuning is perfect for chevy. You also have universal throttle levers that is useful with GM 700 R4 mounting holes, Ford A/T kickdown, etc.

1. Power valve restrictions
2. QFT™ race-winning carburetor DNA
3. Changeable idle air bleeds
4. Vacuum Secondaries
5. Emulsion circuits with three stages
1. Some units have misalignment accelerator pump arm

5. Holley 0-80457S Model 4160, 600 CFM

Holley 0-80457S Model 4160 600 CFM Square Flange 4-Barrel Vacuum Secondary Electric Choke Carburetor

There has to be a mention of Holley carburetors if we are talking about street engines. And this 600 CFM model from the 100-year-old company is a perfect match for the V-8 engines of the Chevy 350.

Throttle response

The response is great for any everyday driver. Even a new driver can handle it smoothly.


Installing a carburetor from Holley is always easy. Moreover, you have single feed fuel inlet and vacuum secondaries. These make the installation easy for any vehicle.

Barrel and choke

Along with a 4 barrel design, this carburetor comes with an electric choke that kick starts the engine in any condition.

Construction and finish

The body is made of lightweight aluminum. There is a polished finish on top of the carburetor that enhances the longevity of the construction. And the vibratory polished finish allows you to flaunt some snaps of your engine.


Holley tuned it perfectly for streetcars. You will be able to use it straight out of the box.

1. Perfectly tuned from the factory
2. Ease of installation
3. Gives a fresh look under the hood
4. Best customer service
5. Automatic kick down bracket
1. Little hard to tune at home
2. Doesn’t have an internal filter

How to Find the Best Carburetor for Chevrolet 350

There are a lot of small things to consider when getting your engine a carburetor. Even an expert can miss one or two when in the market. So, it’s always nice to have a checklist.

And for the new guys, we also have the standards that they have to follow when choosing the carburetor.


At the beginning of the article, we have already discussed how to find the size of carburetor for your engine. And that is 600 CFM for the chevy 350. So, that is what you wanna look for in that market. More will be a wastage of your money, and less will be wastage of the engine’s potential.


A Chevy 350 has an RPM of 6000-6500. You need a four-barrel carb to handle that kind of acceleration.


There are two types of chokes-

  • Manual
  • Automatic

Among various automatic chokes, electric chokes are the most popular. And we are gonna be focusing on only these two chokes, manual and electric.

We would say only go for manual chokes if you are accustomed to using one.

But if your choices are flexible, always go for an electric choke in every type of carburetor. It is easy to start the engine with this, especially in colder regions. Nevertheless, the best carburetors come with electric chokes.


The metal of the carb is very important for its longevity. And different aluminum alloys are the best candidate for the spot.

Aluminum is lightweight and can handle a wide range of temperatures. It is especially good in colder temperatures. The low weight density also prevents warping. Aluminum has the perfect balance of everything a carburetor needs.

Construction and finish

A strong body is necessary for preventing leakages. The finish plays a big role in assisting with corrosion resistance. A shiny finish also helps the look of your carb.

Some carburetors have a two-piece body. You want to avoid those and go for a single-piece unit.

Fuel efficiency

Every Chevy owner knows that without an economical carburetor, the engines gonna be bleeding fuel. A carburetor helps to mix the right amount of fuel to air ratio making the motor more efficient. The mix of fuel is the primary function of a carb.

You want to look for a vacuum secondary carb for a more accurate air-fuel ratio. A delayed secondary opening and lack of a secondary accelerator pump will also enhance the fuel efficiency.


The information on tuning is not available on the spec sheet. You have to look for credible reviews that tell you about the tuning. There, you need to look for two things-

  • Ease of tuning
  • Sustainability of tuning

Tuning is the hardest part for most people. You need to make sure that the carburetor can hold the tuning for a long time. Pick a carb that is tuned for street performance and not for racing.

Throttle response

Your acceleration requests depend highly on the carburetor. A better carburetor will have less lag time. But this is another feature not written in the spec sheet. You need to find credible reviews to know about the response time of the throttle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the question from new carburetor buyers-

Q: What is the best inlet manifold for the Chevy 350?

A: Edelbrock 2701 is the best inlet manifold for Chevy 350 carburetors. This the same as intake manifolds.

Q: Will a 625 CFM carburetor be too wasteful for Chevy 350?

A: No, but a 600 CFM is certainly better. Because even 600 CFM carb will have some excess fuel.

Q: Do carburetors increase horsepower?

A: It helps the engine to reach the maximum horsepower. But it doesn’t increase the horsepower itself.

Q: Should I try to tune the carburetor myself for Chevrolet 350 engine?

A: Only try it if you are experienced in automobile mechanics. Because tuning is one of the hardest jobs for a DIY worrier.

Q: How to clean my carburetor?

A: First, you have to remove the carburetor and other removable parts. Then soak it in a cleaning agent such as simple green pro HD solution. Scrub and rinse it afterward. Lastly, reassemble it in place.

Final Words

Now, there are plenty of other carburetors that can be a good match with the Chevy 350. However, we only wanted to show you the best carburetor for 350 Chevy. If you ask us, you can end your research here and get one from the list right now. Because we have already done the hard work for you.

And we’ve done this hard work not only for the 350 Chevy carburetors, we also made another great buying guide on the best carburetor for the Chevy 305 here!

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