Best Motorcycle Spoke Wrench

Best Spoke Torque Wrench for Motorcycles, Bicycles, and Dirt Bikes | Reviews and Buying Guide In 2022

A spoke wrench is a tool that no rider should live without. The reason I say that is when it comes to maintenance on any motorcycle, bicycle, or Dirtbike one of the most crucial aspects is making sure that your spokes are tightened to the correct torque spec.

Best Motorcycle Spoke Wrench

If you want to make sure that your wheels stay true, prevent them from coming loose, and prevent damage to your wheels, you will need the best spoke torque wrench. Damage to the wheels and hubs can be costly repairs down the road.

Although these spoke torque wrenches are a little bit more expensive than regular spoke wrenches, you are actually getting more value. Primarily, a dedicated spoke wrench eliminates all the guesswork out of spoke maintenance.

At the end of the day, a strong and sound wheel is what we all want to enjoy a ride. Check the spoke tension every now and then. And make sure to use the proper tools for it. If you are into truing and/or lacing, having a good spoke torque wrench is a must.

Benefits Of Using The Best Spoke Wrench

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to using a spoke wrench. You can set them to the exact inch pound setting that you want, and then when you are tightening your spokes, it will actually click. This click lets you know that you have tightened the spoke into the correct torque spec.

Takes The Guess Work Out It takes you that guesswork as well as gives you that peace of mind. It makes the whole process of torquing your spokes very easy. You can work more accurately and, at the same time, speed up the maintenance work.

Whether you are doing general spoke maintenance, truing, or wheel building, having a spoke torque wrench is a must. Also, the main advantage here is efficiency. These easy-to-use tools allow you to torque your spokes evenly and accurately.

Makes Riding Safe

When you are out there riding, you are relying on everything, including your life on the wheels. This is why the wheels are considered the main component of a bike. Not all of us have the time to perform routine maintenance on our motorcycles, bicycles, or dirt bikes.

 When performing routine maintenance, spoke and wheel maintenance is often overlooked. If left neglected, the parts can loosen up and cause damage or even failure. That’s why taking an extra minute to make sure your spokes are tight is such an important step in everyday riding.

Easy To Use

And a spoke wrench makes this an easy, hassle-free task. The Torque settings are adjustable and suit the need of all of your bikes. These tools feature an easy-to-read display, adjustable handle, and allow fine-tuning to specific settings.

If you get these tools as a kit, you will get all the accessories needed to work all popular spoke nipple sizes. The tips are easily interchanged and don’t take very long to do so. Also, if you get a spoke torque wrench, you can get the best of both worlds.

Recommended Tool For General Maintenance

It’s important to check your spokes before every ride. It’s especially important if you have a new bike or new wheels because spokes and nipples on new wheels need time to sit together. So, they do loosen up quite a bit at first. That’s when having a spoke wrench comes in handy.

Spoke nipples are easy to strip if you use the wrong tool to tighten them. If you don’t want to make a mess of things, make sure to use a high-quality spoke wrench.

7 Best Spoke Torque Wrench Reviews

If you are looking for an easy and safe way to maintain your motorcycle’s wheels properly, have a look at some of the best motorcycle spoke torque wrenches that are affordable, and will give you really good value and long service life.

1. Warp 9 Adjustable Torque Spoke Wrench Kit

Warp 9 Adjustable Torque Spoke Wrench Kit

This is a professional adjustable spoke torque wrench kit from Warp 9 that includes just about every known head size in it. If you are looking for the best spoke torque wrench for a dirt bike, look no further than this one. You will hardly find a spoke that this tool won’t work on.

The Warp 9 spoke torque wrench is well worth the money. It’s an awesome kit that comes with a great case to keep all the heads organized. If you are worried about its performance, don’t be because this tool is calibrated right on the money.

This kit includes tip sizes from 5.1 to 6.9. It also includes a spline drive. For those of you that work long hours on your bike, this is a prime choice for a torque wrench. The tool handle features a rubber rim protector for comfort and safety.

The included handle is designed to handle tough disassembly jobs. If you are replacing a rear wheel and want to torque the spokes properly, this is the kit you will need to get the job done professionally. This is a spoke wrench kit that is designed for the home mechanic.

Highlighted Features

  • Rubber rim protector on the wrench
  • Includes handle for tough disassembly jobs
  • Professional quality spoke wrench kit
  • A good spoke torque wrench for the money

2. Excel (TWS-210ANS 7-Piece Adjustable Spoke Torque Wrench Set

Excel (TWS-210ANS 7-Piece Adjustable Spoke Torque Wrench Set

The Excel TWS-210ANS spoke torque wrench kit features all-metal construction that is well designed and also well made. This set includes five interchangeable spoke heads and a wrench tool. The torque range is adjustable from 15 and goes up to 60-inch pounds.

This kit contains the five most commonly used head sizes as well as the spline drive head. The wrench is lightweight since the body is made from aluminum. It comes with a really well-constructed case where you can keep all the tools and accessories neatly organized and secured.

The markings on the wrench are laser etched for better visibility. Also, thanks to the new chamfered design, adjusting the torque range to the ideal setting is easier and quicker. In addition, you can also buy additional replacement heads. 

One thing to keep in mind is that this tool doesn’t go up more than 60-inch pounds. So, if you are working with heavy spokes, you might want to consider buying the size wrench you need from this manufacturer. A good option is to go for the flex meter style wrench.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes in a secure case
  • Includes heads in the most common sizes
  • New chamfered design
  • Adjustable torque range from 15- to 60-inch-pounds

3. Pit Posse PP2466R Motorcycle Wheel Spoke Wrench Set

Pit Posse PP2466R 11Pc. Motorcycle Wheel Spoke Wrench Set Tool

Pit Posse is a leading brand that has been making high-quality products for motorcycle enthusiasts since 2001. This is a family-owned business that is dedicated to making tools that will make the life of a motorcycle owner much easier.

One such tool is this motorcycle wheel-spoke wrench set. This set comes with ten of the most commonly used head sizes on the market. From 5.0 to 7.0, you will find all the important spoke size tips in this set. The spoke tips are made using heat-treated steel.

This construction makes the spoke tips very durable, sturdy, and longer-lasting. The tips are easily interchangeable and also feature a chrome finish for increased durability. As for the wrench itself, the body is constructed using CNC precision-machined aluminum.

The 7075A aluminum is a strong material that gives the wrench the sturdiness it needs to work in a garage. To increase the grip and the comfort, this wrench also comes with a rubber sleeve. The only thing you are not getting is a storage case.

Highlighted Features

  • The ends fit most spoke sizes
  • Durable wrench body construction
  • Includes most of the commonly used spoke heads
  • A rubber sleeve to increase grip

4. Tusk Spoke Wrench Set

Tusk Spoke Wrench Set

Next up, we have another spoke wrench set, and this time, it’s from Tusk. Now, Tusk is a well-known brand that is popular among motorcycle enthusiasts. This brand is known for making high-end quality products, and this wrench set is no exception.

It comes in the set so that you can find exactly the fit you need for your motorcycle wheels. This spoke wrench features interchangeable heads that allow you to work with a variety of spoke nipples with ultimate precision. Check the specs for compatible tip sizes.

The body of the wrench is CNC machined using 7075 aluminum. It also features a rubber sleeve for comfort and increased grip. As for the tips, those are made from hardened steel. Both the wrench and the tip have a chrome finish to increase durability.

The only thing lacking here is that it doesn’t come with a case. However, in terms of quality, this wrench will serve its intended purpose reliably for a long time. This set is great for truing and tuning up your wheels thanks to the well-constructed body and variety in heads.

Highlighted Features

  • CNC machined aluminum wrench
  • Comes with a variety of spoke heads
  • A nice ergonomic grip
  • Fits most typical spoke nuts

5. Motion Pro 08-0133 Spoke Wrench 6/6.3mm

Motion Pro 08-0133 Spoke Wrench 6/6.3mm

This 6/6.3mm spoke wrench from Motion Pro is one of those tools that are expertly finished, solidly built, and do a great job of serving their intended purpose perfectly. This wrench fits perfectly on any spoked rims that are 6.0 mm or 6.3 mm.

This is a good bang for the buck wrench for laced spoke wheel owners. The Motion Pro 08-0133 is a lightweight wrench but with a durable feeling to it. Although you are not getting a high chrome finish, you are still getting a hard nickel pewter finish.

As for its build quality, this wrench is made using chrome vanadium steel. It won’t bend that easily. The wrench head has a square-shaped design that firmly grips the spoke nipples on all four sides. Thanks to the offset slotted ends, using this tool is quick and easy.

Let’s talk a bit more about the size. As you already know, this is a spoke wrench that is designed to fit spoke sizes that are 6 and 6.3 mm. That means this tool can and will fit most Japanese dirt bikes as well as many street models.

Highlighted Features

  • The extended handle gives more leverage
  • Squared end openings
  • Solid build quality with hard nickel finish
  • Offset slotted ends

6. OTC 4747 22-Piece Spoke Torque Wrench Set

OTC 4747 22-Piece Spoke Torque Wrench Set

At number six, we have a 22-piece spoke torque wrench from a brand called OTC. The OTC 4747 comes with eleven fixed heads and eleven torque heads. As for the wrench itself, this is a multi-purpose dual-head spoke wrench that allows for easy removal and installation.

This wrench is all you need to use all the 22-pieces. You can make quick use of the fixed end to remove rusted or damaged spokes easily. On the other end, you have the click-type torque head that allows you to apply equal and accurate tension to each spoke.

All the spoke heads come in a neatly organized case, including the sealed body wrench. This product gives you a full kit including all the sizes that you will ever need to work on your motorcycle tire. Wheel maintenance and assembly become a whole lot easier when you have this toolset.

The torque range is fixed on this one and not adjustable. It’s set to 4-foot pounds or 48-inch/pounds. The head size is the same on both ends, which means you can use the same interchangeable heads on both ends to torque your spokes.

Highlighted Features

  • Non-adjustable 4-foot pounds torque
  • Aluminum sockets
  • Good spoke torque wrench for bicycle
  • Includes 22 pieces of spoke heads

7. Excel TWH-069 6.9mm Spoke Torque Wrench Head

Excel TWH-069 6.9mm Spoke Torque Wrench Head

The last product on your motorcycle spoke torque wrench review, but not least, we have another spoke torque wrench from Excel. The TWH-069 model is made using the exacting qualities of Excel’s rims for superior quality. It comes with five wrench heads that are made from high-quality S45C high carbon steel.

The replacement heads of this torque wrench are easily interchangeable. The secret to maintaining motorcycle wheels is to always check the spokes. Keep the spokes in tip-top condition, and the wheels will last you a lifetime.

This spoke torque wrench from excel allows for an even pull throughout the wheel and eliminates the guesswork of spoke maintenance. Proper technique is necessary if you want to ensure maximum strength when you are torquing the spokes.

And this tool offers you just that. These wrench heads will easily fit 16 KTM 450 SX and other similar models. If you already have an excel torque wrench, the heads will just clip right in. On a side note, don’t get fooled by the product description. These are only replaceable heads for the wrench.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable spoke torque wrench heads
  • Clips right in and maintains a secure fit
  • Ideal wrench heads for KTM bikes
  • Easily interchangeable

What To Look For Before Buying Spoke Wrench?

How often do you think about the spokes on your motorcycle? If you are an average rider, chances are, not often enough. That’s why, in the following section, I’ll be going over the key factors that you need to look for if you want to get your hand on a good spoke torque wrench.

Spoke wrenches hadn’t seen any innovation since they were invented. However, some brands have made some changes here and there to make these tools more efficient. This primary design and concept are still the same.

Nowadays, you can find multi-purpose spoke wrenches that feature interchangeable spoke heads. You still have the option to buy a specific size wrench. That being said, having the option to easily replace and install the heads on the wrench allows you to work on a lot of things without having to buy a separate tool.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at what matters the most when it comes to buying spoke wrenches for motorcycles, dirtbikes, or bicycles.

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Torque Range

As you already know, there are two types of spoke wrenches. One is the standard spoke wrench, and the other one is the adjustable spoke torque wrench. The standard variant has a fixed head design and will only work on spokes that will fit.

You can’t replace the head because it is fixed. On the other hand, most of the adjustable torque wrenches feature interchangeable heads and also allow you to adjust the torque range. So, if you want to torque the spokes accurately and quickly on a motorcycle wheel, check the torque range first.

This range will vary from tool to tool. However, the most common torque range you will see will be between 15 to 60-inch pounds. There are heavy-duty tools that have a starting torque range of 30 and go all the way up to 150-inch-pound.

Standard Torque Settings

For argument’s sake, let’s accept the fact that there are no standard torque settings. That being said, a wider torque setting is still preferred because you can get a lot more work done. Also, the tool should be designed in a way that you can easily adjust the setting.

The general rule of thumb when it comes to buying spoke torque wrenches is to check your manufacturer-rated torque for the spokes that you want to work on before buying a wrench. Keeping the spokes at the right tension is a must, and a torque wrench makes it easy.


The second most important thing when it comes to buying a spoke wrench is to check for accuracy. This is something that you won’t be able to figure out unless you test the tool for yourself. So, for now, you will have to rely on reviewers like us to help you find the most accurate spoke wrench.

It’s very difficult to find a torque-spoke wrench that is 100% accurate. However, you can and will be able to find a tool that has an accuracy rating of close to 100%. I’m talking about an accuracy rating of +/-2 percent. Check the spec sheet of the tool finds its accuracy rating.


Even if you can’t find the most accurate spoke torquing wrench on the market, you can still make the most out of the one that is somewhat accurate. All of it comes down to how you use the wrench.

That’s why it’s really important to learn the proper technique of using a spoke wrench so that you can enhance the accuracy and work more efficiently. In terms of general usability, the wrench should come with some sort of rubber sleeve so that you can hold onto it more firmly.

Although it’s not recommended to have a rubber sleeve but having one will surely enhance your grip on the tool. If it doesn’t come with a sleeve, make sure the handle has a nice ergonomic shape.


Most of the spoke wrenches on the market are made using aluminum. There are tools available that have an all-metal construction. Nevertheless, the build quality doesn’t matter here because these tools are generally built tough.

What you should be looking for instead is the finish. On the pricier models, you will find a high chrome finish. However, if you don’t want to spend that much, and spoke wrench with a hard nickel finish should be enough. 


The torque head size isn’t the last thing to keep in mind, but it’s something that will vary from person to person. First, check what brand of wheels you have. Next, look for the manual to see what head size you will need. As a beginner, it’s better to start your spoke torquing journey with a spoke torque wrench kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. Which is the best spoke wrench?

    Ans. If you are looking for the best one, you can’t go wrong with the Warp 9 adjustable torque spoke wrench kit. You can torque your spokes quickly and accurately with this one. Also, this kit is from a brand that specializes in making tools for motorcycle maintenance and repair.

  2. Q. What size spoke wrench do I need?

    Ans. This will depend on the spokes that you will be working on. First, check the manual for the wheels to find out the correct size that will fit the spoke nipples. There is no “one size fits all” type wrench. You will have to do your research on this matter.

  3. Q. What can I use instead of a spoke wrench?

    Ans. It’s highly recommended that you use a spoke wrench for tightening the spokes. If not, there is a really good chance that you will damage the spokes. A damaged spoke is as good as broken. The only way to fix it is by replacing the broken one with a new one.

  4. Q. How do you torque motorcycle spokes?

    Ans. To torque motorcycle spokes according to the manufacturer’s recommended settings, first, you will have to use a wrench that will fit the spokes. Next, set the torque range accordingly and tighten the first spoke by a little bit.

    Now repeat the process for all the spokes. Keep on tightening as you go, and soon you will reach the spoke where you have started. Now, do this process again till you hear the click. For more information, make sure to check some videos online.

Final Thoughts

As you already know by now, you can’t maintain the spokes on the wheels without the best spoke torque wrench. It’s a must-have tool if you are into lacing and/or truing. For newly laced wheels, keeping the spokes at the right tension will ensure the longevity of the wheels.

That’s why it is pretty much a necessity to have this tool in your arsenal if you want to lace your own wheels. A spoke torque wrench makes it very easy to do so. Even if your bike is new, you will need to tighten the spokes after every ride. So, it’s an investment worth making.

BTW, many motorcycle owners also prefer to keep a crow’s foot wrench in their toolbox for small maintenance works. If you are one of those, this post is for you.

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