How to Cut Tile with Dremel

How to Cut Tile with Dremel: Step by Step Guide

Assume you’re working on a home remodeling project. You may need to cut tiles to achieve a perfect shape on occasion. In addition, cutting tile is a frequent DIY project for making holes in pre-existing tiles.

A Dremel with the proper diamond bit is ideal for the job. With minimal preparation, this tool may make tile cutting considerably easier.

However, having a Dremel in your toolbox is useless if you don’t know how to use it. So, are you ready to learn how to cut tile with Dremel?

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Equipment Needed for the Process

  • Dremel tool
  • Power supply
  • Diamond tile Dremel bits
  • Permanent marker or Pencil
  • Plastic sheets
  • Rubber Clamps (to cut loose tile)
  • Workbench (to cut loose tile)
  • Protectiveglass
  • Disposable gloves
  • Dust mask

Before You Start

Take all the safety measures. Start with wearing a face mask because cutting tile creates a lot of dust. If you are working in the kitchen or bathroom try to open windows that communicate outside so that dust goes out easily.

Never touch tile until you wear hand gloves. Plus, take ear protection (Dremel is a master for creating loud noise). Lastly, keep both your hands on Dremel to prevent kickback.

Steps to Cut Loose Tile:

Follow these seven easy steps to create a hole in a loose tile.

Step -1: Prepare The Tool

First, unplug your Dremel because you have to attach a cutting tool, spiral cutting bit, or rotary cutting attachment to the Dremel. Follow the owners manual for attachment.

Step-2: Mark The Surface You Want To Cut

Mark The Surface You Want To Cut in Tile

Now, pick a permanent marker to mark the area you are willing to cut. Use a ruler for straight lines.

But, if you are cutting a circle in the tile, trace around something round to get an even circle. In glossy tile, a permanent marker can give the best color. If your tile is not glossy, mark the surface with a pencil.

Step-3: Fix The Tile In The Workbench Using Clamps

Fix The Tile In The Workbench Using Clamps

Now, secure the tile flat to the workbench. Place the part you will be cutting hanging off the workbench. Use at least two rubber clamps to fix the tile on the bench.

Using rubber clamps is advantageous as they prevent cracking and protect your tile. If you use metal vice or clamps, there remains a high risk of breaking the tile.

Step-4: Select The Suitable Dremel Bit For Your Cutting Job

Dremel Bit

Before you attach a new bit, make sure the tool is unplugged. Then

  • To make irregular cuts like a circle, attach #562 tile bit
  • To cut small straight lines, use #545 diamond wheel blade
  • To get a large number of linear cuts smoothly, you may try using a Dremel Saw-max with the larger SM540

If you are facing hardship to attach the bit, adhere to the Dremel owner’s manual to know how to attach the bit.

Step-5: Switch On The Power And Push The Dremel Into The Tile

Push The Dremel Into The Tile

Place the Dremel at the starting point of the cut. If you’re cutting the whole tile, place the Dremel at one edge. But, if you’re cutting a piece from the middle, push the Dremel into the tile.

Step-6: Push The Driller To Cut Along The Mark

Push the Dremel carefully around the marking you made earlier. Make sure to hold Dremel with both hands.

Here, your drawn line will guide you not to cut excess tile. So, don’t cut beyond the marking mistakenly.

In this process, apply gentle pressure to the tool. Let the Dremel do the cutting process on its own. Don’t interfere with him by giving excess pressure. Otherwise, your cutting blade may ruin too early.

Step-7: Terminate When You Reach The Corner

Stop pushing the tool when you reach the end of a cut. Being slow to push when you arrive at the cutting end may protect you not from cutting past the intended area. Then, lift out the tool gently up off the tile.

The Procedure of Creating Holes in Fixed Tile with Dremel

To cut an installed tile, you don’t need a workbench as they are already secured in a position. Do these simple steps and cut the intended tile smoothly.

Step-1: Prepare The Tool

Before you start the process, make sure all equipment is within your reach and ready to work.

Step-2: Marking

Then, Mark the surface you wish to cut.

Step-3: Cover The Surrounding Area

Believe us, cutting tile will create tremendous dust. So to minimize cleaning procedures, try to cover the surrounding area, appliances, or anything else you don’t want to get dusty.

Use the plastic sheet to cover. And, secure plastic sheets with tape.

Step-4: Start Cutting

Turn on the Dremel tool. If you’re using tool bit n. 562, push the tool bit into the tile at a 45° angle then adjust to 90°. You can directly push the tool at the right angle if you use wheel n. 545.

Never apply excessive pressure while cutting the surface. Simply guide the tool along the marking and it will do the job for you.

Step-5: Stop Cutting And Pull The Tool Out

Finish cutting when you have reached the edge of your marked surface. Then, pull the tool out and unplug your Dremel.

Tips to Use Dremel Perfectly

  • Use the rotation setting “10” (25,000 to 35,000 rpm) to get fine performance in cutting
  • Tighten the tool collet securely
  • Ensure you’re using the appropriate bit for the Dremel tool
  • Try to put enough pressure to guide the Dremel tool
  • Switch off the tool when you are not using it


1/ Can I Cut Glass Tiles Using A Dremel?

Cut Glass Tiles Using A Dremel

Ans: The Dremel tool is a versatile tool to cut any type of material. It can control the force and speed to work along with various substances.
So, you can easily get a good grip to cut glass tiles. Furthermore, the tool comes with a variety of bits that are designed to operate with various materials.

2/ Should I Cut Ceramic Tile Face-Up Or Down Using A Dremel?

Cut Ceramic Tile Using A Dremel

Ans: The best way to cut a tile is to cut the front side up. Whether it is ceramic tile or any other type, this is the method applicable for all.
This is because cutting the front side up ensures the smoothest finished edge with the least amount of chipping.

3/ How To Cut Marble Tiles Using Dremel?

Ans: All the procedures are the same as we described above. Only you have to use an appropriate attachment such as an EZ545 diamond wheel for straight cuts or 562 tile cutting bit for shaped cuts.
However, cutting marble with Dremel is a time-consuming process as marble tiles are too tough. 

The Bottom Line

If you own a Dremel, you have a fantastic power tool at your hand. Tiles can be simply trimmed for bathroom or kitchen renovations with a Dremel.

We recommend that you practice cutting tile with a Dremel several times before beginning the major operation.

It may serve as a safeguard against making a mistake and destroying your DIY project. With a little practice and the right equipment, you can cut tile like a pro.

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