How to Oil an Impact Wrench

How to Oil an Impact Wrench | Ultimate Guide

An impact wrench is handy for daily work, especially for professionals. This tool uses compressed air, which gives excellent output with minimal energy. The extreme compact air pressure is used to lose or tighten the bolt.

For better performance, your air impact tool needs oiling regularly. You already know that if you are into DIY. This article will cover all the things about the lubrication of your tool.

And we have also tried to make it easier for you to oil the wrench. In this article we precisely tell you where and how to oil an impact wrench with minimum effort.

The Necessity of Oiling the Impact Wrench

The impact wrench uses compressed air to unbolt or tighten the nuts. The lubricants provided by the manufacturer are vaporized over time, and the rotating parts get clogged for the lack of it.

Oiling the air impact wrench will reduce the friction between parts and enhance the performance. If you want your tool to work like new ones, you should lubricate it.

Lubricating the wrench is not complex, and with it, you can increase the tool’s efficiency.

The Things You Will Need in The Process

  • Another impact wrench or a hex key for disassembling
  • Motor oil
  • Align key
  • Hammer
  • Punch tool
  • Petrol or any type of spirit to clean
  • Air tool oil
  • A compact air supply system
  • A wiping cloth to clean the oil

This stuff will make the oiling process easy. Now, we will tell you the oiling process step by step.

The Oiling Process of The Impact Wrench 

The oiling process is easy that even newbies can do the work. You don’t need to lubricate the entire wrench. The two main parts will be lubricated during the oiling process.

The Air Motor: 

impact wrench air motor

You will need an air tool to oil this part. You can get the air tool from the manufacturer.

The Rotating Hammer: 

impact wrench rotating hammer

The hammer transfers the force from the motor to the anvil. So this part is needed to be lubricated.

Cleaning the Impact Wrench

cleaning a impact wrench

Before oiling, we need to clean the impact wrench, as it gets dusty over time. If we oil it without cleaning it, the metal junk and dust will mix with the oil. This contamination will be harmful to the tool. Let’s see how to clean the impact wrench.

  • Start the cleaning process by removing the rubber jacket.
  • Then remove the nuts of the backplate by the align key. The backplate will open and keep the gasket of the bottom plate.
  • Remove the alignment rod of the wrench. It is crucial part keep it with diligent care.
  • Give a gentle tap on the anvil with the punch tool and use the hammer to remove the back bearing.
  • When you remove the back bearing, the air motor will be visible. You will see the vans. Remove the air motor and vans.
  • Remove the air section and front bearing. With it, you completed the air section disassembling.
  • Now we will go for the hammer section of the tool. We disassemble the hammer section.
  • A round gasket holds the hammer and anvil together. Use a screwdriver to separate the hammer and the anvil.
  • Now that the hammer section and the airside are removed, it’s time to clean the parts. Use a wiping cloth to clean the parts with spirit or petrol.

After cleaning the parts, assemble it by going reversely. We will make it easy for you.

  • First, attach the hammer with the anvil. Use the gasket; it will be easy to connect.
  • Assemble the hammer section inside the wrench.
  • Then assemble the air motor section and the back bearing.
  • Alling the rear bearing with the align rod.
  • Now fix the backplate.

Oiling the Impact Wrench

oiling impact wrench

You passed the most complicated part of the oiling process. As we know, we need to oil the two parts of the air impact wrench.

We will start oiling by the hammer section then the air motor. There is an oil port installed at the wrench. Now We will go for the final steps.

  • An oil plug protects the oil port; use a align key to remove the plug.
  • You will need about 30ml of motor oil. Use a syringe to pour oil into the oil port.
  • Use 6 or 7 drops of oil at the air port to lube the air motor and the vans.
  • After oiling the machine, run it for 1 minute. It will help to reach the oil in the congested area of the impact tool.
  • Now drain the excess oil.
  • Finally, put on the rubber jacket, and you completed the process.

The lubrication of the impact tool depends on how often you use it. If you are a professional mechanic, you may oil the tool while starting your work. But for non-professionals can lubricate the device in a month. 


Now you know how to oil an impact wrench. The lubrication of the tool increases the life span. Your device will run for decades if you oil them in a timely.

Don’t use too much oil on the instruments. It will make your tool slow, and using less oil increases the friction. So always use the optimum oil level in your tool and enjoy working.

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