How To Organize Wrenches

How To Organize Wrenches | Know The Tips!

People get insane when it comes to organizing wrenches. Most of us stack up the wrenches in the drawer or slide them under something to skip the organizing part.

For god’s sake, is there any solution to these problems? Can we organize the wrenches without memorizing the size and stuff?

Why not!

Here we have allocated a few effective tips. These tips not only help you to organize the wrenches. It also helps you understand how to protect them appropriately.

Following these robust tips, you will understand how to organize wrenches very quickly and efficiently.

How to organize wrenches in toolbox

Having different types of wrenches in the collection is super beneficial. But it is also a little hard to organize appropriately after work.

If you do not arrange them appropriately,  you probably won’t find them when you need them.

Here are a few effective ways to organize wrenches in the toolbox.

Toolbox Tray

This is a commonly used object for arranging wrenches. The box can be plastic built or steel built. It has several wrench holders, where you can arrange them according to their size.

Multi-Purpose 3-Layer Toolbox with Tray
Toolbox With Tray

The toolbox comes in different holder sizes. Some boxes can hold 5 wrenches; some can hold 15. You can easily hang them on a pegboard or in a tool cart.

So basically, you have to put your wrenches on the toolbox holder to their size. For example, the top holders are smaller, so you must put the smaller wrenches in that position.

The lower you go, the bigger the holder gets. So put the wrenches following the holder size.

Wrench Plastic Case

This is another great wrench organizer with an easy carrying advantage. The organizing procedure is almost the same as the toolbox tray.

Wrench Plastic Storage Case

The only difference is this case is suitcase-style so it will cover all your wrenches and it’s way easy to carry. But not accessible enough.

How to Organize Wrenches by Size

In terms of size, there are two types of wrenches available. One is metric wrenches, and another type is called standard (SAE) or Imperial wrenches.

Standard Wrenches

This type is most popular all over the world. The measurement system in imperial uses inch, feet, and miles. The size is written boldly on the wrenches.

Most wrench developers use inch measurement because of its simplicity. Here the size chart is a little complicated to understand. Let’s compare the SAE with the metric system. Hope that will make more sense.

So the standard system denotes their size in a fractional figure. For example 5/32″,1/4″, or 1/2″ which is equivalent to 3.9mm, 6.35mm, and 12.7mm on the metric scale. But don’t worry, you can easily understand their size by the jaw gap and spanner table.

Following their size, you can assemble them very quickly.

Metric Wrenches

This measurement system is not as popular as SAE in the USA, but still, some regions follow this style. Here the measurement system follows SI or the international system. This system mostly uses meter or kilogram measurement.

The sockets are labeled in millimeters. It is understandable compared to the standard size system. You have to organize the wrenches by watching their body size label. Usually, it comes in 14mm, 17mm, or 30mm.

How to Organize Allen Wrenches

organize Allen or hex wrenches

This type of wrench is extremely useful yet very hard to organize. You could find both the standard and metric Allen tools in the market. It comes with multiple key sets. The identical size makes this Allen tool hard to categorize

But don’t worry, here are a few essential tips that will make your job easier.

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Rubber band

People mostly use the smaller Allen wrenches or keys. It is very handy and accessible for work. If you also use the smaller or even bigger Allen wrenches, follow these tricks.

Gather all your Allen wrenches and level them horizontally. Wrap your rubber band around them. Fold that rubber double and make it tight otherwise, the wrenches will get loosened.

In this way, you can organize loose Allen wrenches together. You don’t need to unwrap the rubber when you want to use them; rather just separate the right one from the other and do your work.

Color the wrenches

This one is also a quick trick to organize your hex wrenches. Most importantly, you will easily find them when you need them. As we know, the Allen wrenches are very similar in size.

Go and get different paint colors. You can also use nail polish, which also works well. Now denoted the wrench with the color.

Put a single dot with the color on the smallest one. Then put a double dot on the second last smallest one and go on like this.

You can also apply your unique way of marking. Finally, keep them in a wrench roll up pouch or holder.

How to Organize Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is mostly used to tighten the nuts and bolts of a particular torque. It is great to over-tighten anything necessary.

Usually, these wrenches don’t come with a multiple toolset system. It is because one tool is enough to tighten different size bolts.

Frankly, a torque wrench is quite sensitive among other wrenches. If they get damaged, they probably won’t show the correct result. So the question is how to organize torque wrench or keep them safe?

Use the Case

torque wrench in case
Torque Wrench Case

Most of the torque wrenches come with a figurative case. When your work is done, assemble your wrenches inside the case.

If the case is not available, and you have multiple identical wrenches. You can buy torque wrenches’ multiple tool boxes’ according to the size.

Otherwise, a normal soft plastic pad or bag won’t provide safety.

How to Organize Crowfoot Wrench

Frankly, every mechanic has countless crowfoot wrenches in their collection. When you have multiple wrenches, it’s very hard to pick the right one at the right time. It happens because all the crowfoot wrenches are very similar in body size.

However, if you learn to organize them, you could also pick the right one at the right time.

There are two effective ways to organize the wrenches. One is using the organizer rack, and another is using a case.

Using Rack

Racks are even more accessible than cases. It’s extremely efficient to organize. In addition, you can easily pick them up when you need them.

Crowfoot Wrench Organizer Rack
Crowfoot Wrench Rack

The rack has multiple holders to organize according to the wrench size. You have to match the holder and wrenches size while organizing.

Using Case

Cases are less likely an accessible organizer rather than a hard protector or carrier. A case can be a solution when you don’t have the rack. Sometimes it is hard to get an appropriate case in the market.

Crowfoot Flare Nut Wrench Set
Crowfoot Wrench With Case

In that case, you could make a customized one by yourself. Anyway, the case also has figurative room for the specific tool. You can also arrange your crowfoot wrenches very conveniently.

How to Organize Ratchet Wrench

Ratchet is one of the common types of wrench tools. Every professional and non-professional has a ratchet set in their house or workshop. Organizing ratchet wrenches is less complicated compared to other wrenches.

As it is a popular type of wrench, all sorts of ratchet organizers are available in the market. For instance, Ratchet’s hard cases, trays, or even roll-up pouches can be found very easily.

Ratchet Tray

It is very accessible and convenient for the wrenches. You can organize your tools by their size. The disadvantages are less protective and hard to carry.

Roll-up Pouch

wrench roll up pouch

It is also a great ratchet holder. It has a wider and bigger pocket to hold the wrenches. You can denote the pocket name by the wrench’s size. It’s very easy to carry.

Ratchet Case

The most important part of the case is they are very protective and good for carrying. You can arrange your tools very appropriately. But unfortunately, they are not very accessible.


Honestly, there are countless methods to organize wrenches. But here, we have shown only those methods which are easily approachable. Wrenches have different variations and types. So the organizing criteria are also different.

Because of that, we have added more than one technique for each wrench. But some wrenches don’t have many options to organize. For example, torque wrench, In that case, you have to follow that one tip which we’ve provided.

Other than organizing methods, wrench organizers are also very important. Some are good for cases; some are great for trays. If you have gone through this article, you probably know how to organize wrenches appropriately.

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