Lexivon Torque Wrench Review

Lexivon Torque Wrench Review | Top 3 Picks

A torque wrench is probably one of the smartest things you can have in your toolbox. It makes accurately fastening bolts and nuts easy.

But with so many such tools available on the market, what brand of torque wrench is the best? Well, Lexivon torque wrench products stand out for being highly sturdy and durable.

The best part? All Lexivon tools usually undergo various tests, including for durability and calibration. The wrenches also come already calibrated for ease of use right out of the box. It’s no wonder both professionals and DIYers swear by them.

Best Lexivon Torque Wrench Review

Lexivon is a reputable manufacturer of automotive tools and parts. So, whether you are looking for a professional or hobbyist Lexivon torque wrench, you’ll find it on our below list. 

1. LEXIVON 1/2-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench (LX-184)

LEXIVON 1/2-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench 25-250 Ft-Lb/33.9-338.9 Nm (LX-184)

This Lexivon 1/2″ torque wrench is our top pick and for good reasons. First, it is made from hardened chrome Vanadium alloy steel that has been heat treated. Therefore, it is sure to provide you with the durability you need for all of your auto repair jobs.

Further, it boasts the company’s unique electro-black finish for superior protection against rust and corrosion.

Similar to other Lexivon wrenches, this product comes calibrated to +/- 4% accuracy. Therefore, you can use it right out of the box. And for your peace of mind, you also get a calibration certificate.

However, according to the service manual, you will need to store the wrench at the lowest torque setting (25 ft. lb) to maintain its accuracy.

Another great thing about this torque wrench is its easy-to-read dual-range scale. The scale features highlighted yellow print, thereby allowing you to see the markings even in poor lighting conditions.

Basically, you will find the markings on the tool’s handle, which are in feet pounds (ft. lb) and Newton-meters (Nm).

In addition, the wrench comes with a reversible square ratchet head designed to work in both directions for increased comfort.

You are going to find this feature handy in case you need to fasten a nut with a left-hand thread. But to measure the torque, you can only do it in a clockwise direction.

For extra comfort, the wrench is also fitted with a proprietary rotating handle. The unique design of the handle helps minimize hand fatigue by up to 62%. Of course, this comes in handy when you are working on demanding repair tasks.

Highlighted Features

  • Ratchet gear features hardened and reinforced chrome vanadium alloy steel construction
  • Torque ranges from 25 Ft.-lb (33.9nm), which is the lowest setting to 250 Ft.-lb (338.9Nm)
  • Comes already calibrated and tested to a +/- 4% accuracy to ensure precision
  • Patented easy-twist handle design reduces hand fatigue by up to 62% and offers a non-slip grip
  • Incorporates rust and corrosion-resistant Electro-black finish for enhanced durability

2. LEXIVON 1/2-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench (LX-183)

LEXIVON 1/2-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench 10~150 Ft-Lb/13.6~203.5 Nm (LX-183)

Next up, we’ve got this 1/2-inch drive click torque wrench that boasts excellent precision, performance, and durability. Now you might wonder, what makes it different from our previous Lexivon 1/2″ torque wrench?

Well, the main difference between these two tools is their amount of torque. This wrench is designed to operate from 10 Ft.-lb (13.6 Nm) to a whopping 150 Ft.-lb (203.5) torque range.

Unfortunately, compared to the LX-184, you don’t get as much torque setting. The good news is that you can still use it for most tasks.

Another difference between the LX-184 and this LX-183 is their lengths. Basically, this particular product is 18.50-inches long while the LX-184 is 24.95-inches long.

Therefore, it might not provide you with as much leverage as the LX-184 when tightening nuts. But given its torque range, you will find its length good enough.

Moving on, you will be pleased to know that this wrench is made of hardened chrome Vanadium alloy steel. The best part is that the steel is reinforced and heat-treated to ensure the durability of the teeth’ edges.

In addition, it incorporates an electro-black finish for enhanced protection against rust and corrosion.

Just like most products from this brand, the Lexivon LX-183 torque wrench also ships already calibrated to +/- 4% accuracy.

However, the minimum torque increment is 1 Ft.-lb as compared to 2.5 Ft.-lb for the case of LX-184. As a result, you will find it easy to adjust the torque setting on this tool.

Highlighted Features

  • A reversible ratchet head measures torque in a clockwise direction
  • Easy-to-read dual-range scale with highlighted yellow print
  • Rotating the handle reduces tightening effort and hand fatigue
  • Made from reinforced, heat-treated, and hardened chrome vanadium alloy steel for superior durability
  • Calibrated to +/- 4% precision and includes a calibration certificate

3. LEXIVON 3/4-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench (LX-185)

LEXIVON 3/4-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench 30~300 Ft-Lb / 40.7~406.8 Nm (LX-185)

For added versatility, you might also want to add this 3/4-inch drive click torque wrench to your toolbox.

You see, compared to a ⅜-inch drive torque wrench, it will allow you to work on a large number of automotive tasks with ease. This is thanks to its high torque range that starts from 30 Ft.-lb to a whooping 300 Ft.-lb.

If you happen to refer to this product’s service manual, you will realize that every micrometer-scale marking equals 2 Ft.-lb. This is on the higher side compared to what the Lexivon LX-183 Torque wrench provides you with.

Therefore, to increase the tool’s torque from let’s say 150 to 160, you just turn the micrometer handle clockwise. And when you reach the “10” mark, simply turn the lock nut clockwise to lock your torque setting and start using it.

Additionally, the wrench comes with a reversible ratchet head just like the other products. This means that you can use it on both sides for added comfort. In terms of durability, the ratchet headgear is constructed from hardened chrome Vanadium alloy steel that has been reinforced and heat-treated.

Also worth mentioning is that this tool comes pre-calibrated for the ease-of-use right-out-of-the-box. Generally, you are going to find it accurate to within +/- 4%, especially for tasks that require precise torque.

Another thing you’re going to love about this product is its easy-to-read scale. You see, the scale incorporates highlighted and yellow prints. So, even in poor lighting conditions, you will easily identify the correct markings.

Highlighted Features

  • Rust and corrosion-resistant patented electro-black finish
  • Measures torque in a clockwise direction with a +/- 4% accuracy
  • Constructed from chrome vanadium alloy steel that is hardened and heat-treated for longevity
  • The non-slip knurled handle offers superior grip and prevents hand fatigue by up to 62%
  • Boasts up to 300 Ft.-lb torque value with a minimum increment of 2 Ft.-lb

What Makes Lexivon Torque Wrench Perfect?

Well, there are so many things that might make you want to buy a quality torque wrench from the Lexivon brand. Some of these include:

Durable Construction

One of the things that make Lexivon torque wrench perfect is its durable construction. You see, unlike some wrenches from other brands, Lexivon tools feature zero-plastic materials.

Instead, their ratchet gear is made of hardened chrome vanadium alloy steel that has been heat-treated for superior durability. On top of that, the wrenches boast a patented Electro-black finish for enhanced protection against rust and corrosion.

Patented Internal Mechanism

Additionally, Lexivon torque wrenches boast a proprietary rotating handle design that allows for smooth twisting. This helps ensure you don’t use so much force when tightening bolts.

Also, you don’t have to worry about hand fatigue because the handle design helps prevent it by up to 62%. Besides that, the handle provides you with a slick non-slip grip for maximum comfort.

Torque Scale

The Lexivon Inch pound torque wrench is fitted with a dual scale with yellow markings. Also, the markings on the scale feature patent-pending rich text with a striking appearance.

As such, you can easily read the scale with great accuracy even when the lighting conditions are poor

Excellent Calibration

Another thing that makes the Lexivon torque wrench perfect is the quality of its calibration.

First, it comes already calibrated to +/- 4% accuracy. And to ensure the utmost accuracy, it also undergoes 3 different sets of calibration tests. As if that’s not enough, you also get the calibration certificate along with the package.

How Do You Calibrate A Lexivon Torque Wrench?

Calibrate A Lexivon Torque Wrench

The Lexivon torque wrench comes ready to use and pre-calibrated. However, you still need to calibrate it regularly to maintain its accuracy. And here are steps on how to go about this.

Step 1: Get Your Calibration Tools

You will need a couple of tools to help you calibrate your torque wrench. These include a measuring device, weights, tape, a weighing scale, and a bench vise.

Step 2: Measure Your Wrench

Once you have the tools, grab your measuring device and your Lexivon torque wrench. Then, measure from the center point of the head of your wrench to any convenient place on the handle and mark the length with a tape.

Depending on the size of your wrench, your measurements could be different. For instance, if calibrating the LX-183 wrench, you could measure up to 16 inches because it is 18.50-inches long.

However, if calibrating the LX-184 model, you can measure up to 23 inches since the wrench is 24.95-inches long.

Step 3: Determine Your Weight

After measuring your torque wrench, the next step will be to determine the weight you are going to use. Some people may use 30-pound weight while others may choose to go with a 40-pounds weight.

However, whatever weight you choose to use, make sure it is correct. You can confirm if it is the exact weight by weighing it on a scale. And as for the weight, you can use any heavy object around the house such as your toolbox or even a car jack.

Step 4: Calculate The Weight To Set Your Wrench To

In this step, you will need the figure you got in step two. For example, we can say that you marked your wrench at 23-inches. Take the 23 inches and convert it to feet and then multiply the figure by your weight.

If using 30-pounds weight, your calculations should be something like this:

23 inches = 1.917 feet x 30 lbs = 58 Ft.-lbs

On the other hand, if you are using 40-pounds weight, you should have something this:

23inches = 1.917 feet x 40 lbs = 77 Ft.-lbs

The 58 or 77 Ft.-lbs you get should be where you set your torque wrench at during calibration.

Step 5: Set The Torque Range

Using the figure you got in step four, you should then set your torque reading. For instance, if using a 40-pounds weight, you should set your wrench to 77 Ft.-lbs of torque.

Step 6: Secure Your Lexivon Torque Wrench

Put your wrench in the bench vise and clamp it down gently so you don’t end up damaging it.

However, if you don’t have a bench vise, you can use the lug nut on your car. It also does a good job. 

Step 7: Perform The Calibrations

Once your Lexivon torque wrench is secured on the vise, hang your 40-pounds weight at the 23-inch mark of your wrench. Remember the mark may vary depending on the length of your torque wrench.

At this point, your wrench should click. But if it does not click, then you will have to tighten your wrench’s spring at the point of adjustment. You can do this using a hex screw or Allen key.

While tightening the spring, you can do one quarter of a turn until your wrench clicks. Once it clicks, loosen the spring a little by just a 1/4 turn until your torque wrench no longer clicks. And that’s it, your wrench should be now calibrated.

But if you want to fine-tune your Lexivon torque wrench, then you can go ahead and test it at different torque ranges.


Interested in learning more about Lexivon torque wrench products? Check out these frequently asked questions.

What’s Better: A 3/8 Or 1/2 Torque Wrench?

Overall, it depends on the job you want the wrench for.

However, a 1/2 torque is much better as it offers more torque settings than a ⅜ inch drive torque wrench.

Generally, a 3/8 wrench will provide you with 10 Ft.-lb to 80 Ft.-lb maximum torque whereas a 1/2 wrench offers at least 150 Ft.-lb maximum torque. This is quite a huge difference.

Where Are Lexivon Torque Wrenches Manufactured From?

They are designed and warranted by Lexivon USA. However, they are manufactured in Taiwan under strict quality standards and supervision.

Should You Get The 3/4 Or The 1/2 Torque Wrench?

The 3/4 torque wrench offers better versatility than its 1/2 counterpart. This is because the 3/4 wrench delivers a maximum torque setting of up to 300 Ft. -lb. The 1/2 torque wrench, on the other hand, boasts a maximum torque of up to 250 Ft.-lb.

However, if you are going to be performing jobs that require less than 30 Ft.-lb of minimum torque, then the 1/2 wrench is the best option.

Can You Use A Torque Wrench To Loosen Up Bolts?

No. A torque wrench is specifically designed for tightening bolts and nuts only. And because it is sensitive, you should never use it to loosen bolts. Otherwise, you will damage it.

How Often Should I Calibrate My Torque Wrench?

According to different torque wrench manufacturers, you should calibrate your wrench every 12 months or after every 5,000 cycles for optimal accuracy. Or, we can say whichever comes first.

Tips On How To Correctly Use Your Lexivon Torque Wrench

How To Use Lexivon Torque Wrench

Like with any other tool, if you don’t use or store your Lexivon wrench properly, it may not last for very long. So, here are tips to keep in mind when using your torque wrench.

Tip#1: When operating your torque wrench to tighten a bolt or nut, make sure to do it slowly until the bolt becomes snug.

Tip#2: If you have to adjust or tighten your torque wrench’s knurled handle and lock nut, do it by hand only. Using another device could damage your tool.

Tip#3: For accurate results when operating your Lexivon torque wrench, your tightening hand should always be placed at the center of the knurled handle.

Tip#4: If you operate your torque wrench with too much force or too quickly, chances are that you will miss the correct torque setting. So, make sure to do it slowly.

Tip#5: Once you have reached the exact torque setting, don’t try pulling the wrench as it could damage your tool’s internal mechanism.

Tip#6: If using your torque wrench in a noisy environment and at low torque settings, you may not clearly hear the click. It tends to be subtle. So, be sure to use it in a still environment.

Tip#7: When not in use, the scale of your torque wrench should be at the lowest setting.

Tip#8: Once in a while operate your torque wrench at the lowest torque setting several times if it’s been long since you used it. It helps the internal lubricant to recoat your wrench’s internal components.

Tip#9: Never try cleaning your torque wrench with any type of cleaner. You should instead wipe it clean with a dry lint-free cloth and then store it in a dry, clean environment.


If you love tightening things in your house or are probably a professional mechanic, you will find the Lexivon torque wrench extremely useful.

That said, you must consider the size and torque setting of the wrench. This is because some tasks require more torque than others.

For instance, if performing heavy-duty applications, you will find the LEXIVON 3/4-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench (LX-185) best suited for the job.

This is because it offers up to 300 Ft.-lb of maximum torque, which is quite huge compared to what the other products offer.

Alternatively, you might want to consider the LEXIVON 1/2-Inch (LX-183). It is another quality torque wrench if you are on a budget. It can handle light to medium-duty tasks with ease thanks to its maximum torque of 150 Ft.-lb.

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